What Next?

Soon you will start your course and your university journey at Southern Cross University. There are a few things that need to happen before you go to your first class, while others - such as getting an overview of key study skills before you actually start - are added bonuses.


Recommended steps

Depending on when you apply to study at Southern Cross University will determine how much time you've got until you start, so see which of the following steps makes sense for you to complete first.

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    Complete enrolment

    Enrolment is when you make your decisions about which units to study for the year. Enrolment also activates your student account so that you can access MySCU, the home for all your learning sites and the place for you to collaborate with staff and fellow students. Shortly before the course commences you will be able to access all the information you'll need to understand how the unit is delivered and assessed through MySCU learning sites. Enrolment usually opens 4 months before a session is due to start. Use the to take you through the steps for enrolment.

  2. 2

    Sort out your Student ID Card

    You need your Student ID Card for a whole host of reasons, including borrowing from the Library, attending exams, accessing computer labs after hours and using student printers. Once you are enrolled you can obtain your Student ID Card by completing the and either bringing it to any of our campuses or providing a passport sized photo if applying by email or mail.

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    Check out The Study Toolkit

    provides a great introduction to some of the key study skills that you'll be expected to work with during your time at university. Many of these skills aren't just important study skills, they're also key life skills that will set you up in great stead for your life ahead.

Well done! There's one last step...

Well done on completing this introductory course to life and study at Southern Cross University. We're excited that you're joining us and look forward to welcoming you soon!

Please take a moment to review this program and let us know how you're feeling about starting university. .