University Life

Life is about to change, so get excited! In this section you'll be introduced to staff and students at Southern Cross University, get an overview of what happens from here and assess how prepared you are for the changes ahead.

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Welcome to Southern Cross University

Congratulations, you’ve worked hard to reach this point and Southern Cross University will help you to take the next steps to achieving your academic goals.

Be curious, challenge yourself and embrace opportunities with confidence, knowing that Southern Cross University is here to support you on your university journey. By investing in your education you are choosing to expand and shape your future and career prospects.

Life, study and beyond

University is not just about completing a degree. It’s also about enriching your life experience and learning a wide range of skills to establish a solid foundation on which to build your career and life. You are now part of a community of fellow thinkers and have the opportunity to make friends and create social networks that will nurture and sustain you throughout your years at Southern Cross University.

The New to Southern Cross University program aims to support your transition to University by providing practical and important information in an easy to navigate form.

SCU campuses and surrounds

In addition to Southern Cross Univerity’s main campuses at the Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour, we also have branch campuses located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Click places on the map below to discover more about our campuses, where they're located and distances between places.

australia-map Lismore Coffs Harbour Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Gold Coast Queensland New South Wales AUSTRALIA U

Top TipAt Southern Cross University we expect you to ask questions. Don't hold back!

How it all starts

Starting university and becoming a student is an exciting time, but it can also be a confusing time as you navigate through a new stage of study, work and home life. The following diagram can help you to understand some of the key steps on this initial part of your Southern Cross University journey.

Student pathway image

What to expect of university

There are things you can do and should know before starting at university that will make the whole experience much smoother. Here's some inside advice from staff and students that will help prepare you for a strong start at Southern Cross University.

Image of lecturer, Christos

It’s really important to stay engaged and focused during the session from the very first day. I would like to reassure you that if you are committed to your study and you follow the suggested study plan, your success is certain without any doubt.
Dr Christos Markopoulos,
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education

Image of International student, Nicholas

I like Southern Cross University because they offer the best student support. The International Office gives a lot of positive advice and directions and Academic Skills helps to show you how to handle your assignments. I also like how the lecturers are interactive both face-to-face, online and via phone calls.
Nicholas, Student,
Bachelor of Social Welfare

Image of student, Pixie

The careers team are good to see early on and the best advice I received was that there are going to be a huge number of people graduating with the same degree as me, so it really pays to do a bit more than just going to classes.
Pixie, Student,
Bachelor of Psychological Science

Image of student, Paul

Keep doing little bits of study regularly, they add up to a lot of information over the course of 13 weeks.
Paul, Student, Student,
Master of Osteopathic Medicine

Image of lecturer, Amanda

To be successful you need to engage - watch all the lectures, take notes, ask as many questions as you need in order to develop understanding. Participate, have fun with it.
Amanda Hawkins,
Unit Assessor for Human Physiology

Image of International student, Gokul

I wanted to study in Australia because it offered more opportunities for me. Studying in Australia taught me how to live on my own and take care of myself. I had learned to be independent and how to manage my time and money between social life, uni life and work.
Gokul, Student,
Bachelor of Business

Image of International student, Ishita

Throughout this journey I have made many friends who come from different ethnic backgrounds, which gave me a vast array of opportunities to learn and grow with them.
Ishita, Student,
Master of Professional Accounting

Image of student, Clinton

Get involved, go and introduce yourself early on. If you fall behind, don’t feel like you can’t ask for help. Talk to someone, go and tell someone and keep turning up to your classes.
Clinton, Student,
Bachelor Sports & Exercise Science

Image of lecturer, Helen

I know some of you are nervous and a little worried about what is to come – try to overcome that because this is going to be fun and interesting. YES, difficult and challenging at times - but that makes it all the more rewarding.
Helen Walsh,
Unit Assessor for Legal Research and Writing

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Are you ready?

We all come from different backgrounds, bringing diverse ideas about what it means to learn, and we've got life experiences that can both help and challenge our progress at university. Take the self-assessment quiz to examine your strengths and weaknesses before starting at Southern Cross University and learn what you need to do to start out strong.

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