POC01234 SCU Online Proof of Concept

SCU Online Proof of Concept

Congratulations on your enrolment in this unit. You have taken an important step in preparing yourself for your future studies. This subject is called Applying Quantitative Concepts and not maths because it will take you beyond traditional mathematical skills to help apply those skills in new contexts and to grow your problem solving strategies in readiness for your next step.

In this introduction you will explore:

  • myths about mathematics learning
  • how the unit is structured
  • what to do if you get stuck on a maths problem.

As you travel along the road towards tertiary success, it is now essential that you take out your personal store of mathematical knowledge you have been collecting at school or work. We will help you develop and polish those skills, giving them the shine necessary for successful tertiary study. But first, let’s bust some myths about learning maths.