Dawn of Humankind

(Several million years ago)

Significant changes have occurred in the human diet since the dawn of humankind/

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Around one and a half million years ago…

Early human beings shifted from a diet of primarily unprocessed plant foods to one containing increasing amounts of meat, some of which was scavenged.

Hunting Animals

Around 700 thousand years ago …

Our ancestors began the deliberate hunting of animals.

The most substantial changes in the human diet have occurred since:

Agricultural Revolution

~12,000 years ago (circa 8,500-10,000BCE)

The ’Agricultural Revolution’

Introduction of grains and dairy.

Industrial Revolution

~ 200 years ago (start 1760-1830)

The ‘Industrial Revolution’

Introduction of chemical / mechanical food processing and preservation.

Green Revolution

Post World War 2

The ‘Green Revolution’

Introduction of synthetic agricultural chemicals and increased mechanisation

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