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System Announcements

  • Your Support Centre for Blackboard in Blackboard (Monday, 21 May 2018)

    Have you noticed thisQuestionMark on the right side of the screen when in Blackboard?  This is a direct link to the Service Desk as well as a Support Centre for using Blackboard, Collaborate, Turnitin and more.  

    Click it to open the Blackboard Support Support CentreCentre and if you can't find your answer there . . . 

    Click and email the Service Desk or find the right number to call without leaving Blackboard to do it!  

    Keep watching, you will soon be able to move QuestionMark out of your way!


  • Issue with Collaborate MP3s and MP4s (Thursday, 24 May 2018)

    There is currently an unscheduled interruption of service preventing the downloading of MP3 and MP4 from Collaborate Classic recordings, we are working with the vendors to get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Note: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings are not affected.